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Super-Relevant Landing Pages

Hyper-customize your landing pages for your visitors. Just imagine how much your business would improve if your visitors were finding on your landing page exactly what they were looking for.

Works With Any Website

You don't need to be a programmer. You also don't need to use an impractical landing page creator website. Our system is compatible with any websites, hosted anywhere!

Conversion Tracking & Split Tests

Find the best performing variant for all keywords you advertise for. With TagHacker you can track your conversions and create unlimited split tests.

You are losing customers, sales and profit if you don't follow principle #1.

The #1 principle of marketing

To get the right message in front of the right people.

That sound easier than done

To comply with the principle you must create super relevant landing pages for your visitors. What you can do is to create a different landing page for all your keywords or keyword groups.

That means you are either loosing out on a lot of sales, or you are wasting your time by creating and maintaining hundreds of landing pages.

Super-boost your profit and save time!

Follow the principle #1

Create hyper-relevant landing pages for your visitors based on their search queries.

Stop wasting your valuable time

We only have one life, and it matters how much time we waste with unnecessary tasks.

With TagHacker you can dynamically replace any parts of your landing page based on your keywords.

Super-boost your conversion rates
Increase your profit
Save time and money
Hyper customise your landing pages

Dynamic Content Replacement

Without coding, without creating hundreds of different pages, easy to make changes on any website, hosted anywhere!

Replace the text

With dynamic text replacement your visitors can find the exact words on your landing page they have been looking for.

Customize the style

Think what is beyond the words, and change the CSS to make your landing page look exactly what your visitors are expecting.

Change images

Choose relevant images or background image based on what your visitor has searched for.

Populate forms

Change or add values to your forms. Visible or hidden custom values can be passed with the form submission.

Works on any website

You don't need a new website, new subdomain. Use your current page. E.g. Wordpress, Wix, Webflow, custom website on lead page generator.

Easy online editing

No need for coding experience. Use our simple online interface to customize your landing page for your visitors.


What People are saying about TagHacker

We have invited 1,000 subscribers earlier this year to test our application before launch. See what they said about TagHacker.

Vlad Harris

10 August 2018
Web Designer
Very Satisfied!

I'm incredibly pleased to be able to participate in the pre-launch test on TagHacker. It literally blew my mind. Dynamic text replacement is history, TagHacker is the future.

Max Sutter

14 August 2018
AdWords Certified Consultant
Love the Results!

I started using TagHacker for 3 of my clients, and the results increased on day one. Now its not only just the text we can customise per keyword but the entire user experience. The conversion rates have sky-rocketed!

Magda Lopez

14 August 2018
online marketing manager
Highly Recommended!

Using TagHacker is so simple, no hundreds of lines of coding, no useless landing page creators. Just a website and TagHacker's online application where we can easily fine-tune our landing pages quicker and easier than ever.


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