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60 Days Cookie Period

We use a very long, 60 days cookie period. Recommend our services. And if within 60 days a visitor makes a payment you will start receiving 40% commission.

Recurring Payments

The best thing on Earth. You get us a customer today, and you will get 40% commission as long as the customer is with us. Even for years.

Monthly Payouts

Stable monthly income by recommending the newest online marketing tool.

Why recommend TagHacker?

TagHacker is going viral anyway. Make sure you get the commission, and not someone else.

Start Earning A Stable Monthly Income In 4 Easy Steps

You only have to do the following 4 steps. Everything else is done by us.

  1. Create a Share A Sale account
  2. Join TagHacker's affiliate program
  3. Share our affiliate links and banners everywhere
  4. Enjoy the monthly payouts and recurring commission

1) Create a ShareASale account

Join the World's biggest affiliate network on the following page: https://account.shareasale.com/newsignup.cfm

(Or if you already have a ShareASale account, just login and go to step 2)

Create a ShareASale Account

2) Join TagHacker's affiliate program

3) Share our affiliate links and banners everywhere

4) Enjoy the monthly payouts and recurring commission

Hyper customise your landing pages

Dynamic Content Replacement

Without coding, without creating hundreds of different pages, easy to make changes on any website, hosted anywhere!

Replace the text

With dynamic text replacement your visitors can find the exact words on your landing page they have been looking for.

Customize the style

Think what is beyond the words, and change the CSS to make your landing page look exactly what your visitors are expecting.

Change images

Choose relevant images or background image based on what your visitor has searched for.

Populate forms

Change or add values to your forms. Visible or hidden custom values can be passed with the form submission.

Works on any website

You don't need a new website, new subdomain. Use your current page. E.g. Wordpress, Wix, Webflow, custom website on lead page generator.

Easy online editing

No need for coding experience. Use our simple online interface to customize your landing page for your visitors.


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