TagHacker Demo Video - How To Use TagHacker With Google Ads?

Watch Our Quick Tutorial How To Use TagHacker With Google Ads. Dynamic Content Replacement & Split Tests On Any Website.

TagHacker Demo Video - Google Ads - v1

Connect Google Ads to TagHacker

Connect your Google Ads account and import a campaign into TagHacker. We  import your keywords and landing pages & we add tracking template to your ads so we know what keyword triggered your advert.

Add Code To Site & Select Tags

You need to add a small code to your website's header & select parts of your landing page (tags). This will allow you to make changes of your tags based on the visitor's keyword.

Hack Your Tags For Each Keyword

Based on every keyword or keyword group you can create specific replacements for your selected tags. You can set up conversion tracking and create split tests on any website.

TagHacker Demo

A Quick Tutorial On How To Use TagHacker's Basic Functionality

1) Google Ads campaign

For demonstration we had created a demo Google Ads campaign to show you how TagHacker works. We had added 2 ad groups, with 2 keywords in each ad group.

Google Ads Demo Campaign
Our Demo Google Ads Campaign That We Are Going To Import To TagHacker

Your Google Ads campaigns might have a different structure. You may have more keywords and keyword groups, and you may have several landing pages.

2) Create a project in TagHacker

On the following page click on "Create New Project": https://app.taghacker.com/

Add a name to your project. We are going to use projects to group campaigns related to each other.

3) Connect Your Google Ads Account

One your project's page click on "Import from Google Ads". This will open a new window where you can login to your Google Ads account and authorize TagHacker to access your campaigns.

4) Import a Google Ads Campaign

As soon as your Google Ads account is connected you will see your Google Ads campaigns listed. Select one of your campaigns and click on "Import Campaign". This may take some time depending on the size of your campaign. Once imported you will see a success message.

All AdGroups and landing pages will be listed now on your project's page. Let's click on "TagHacker" button next to one of your landing pages.

TagHacker Projects Page

5) Insert Code in Your Website's Header

To be able to use our application you will need to add a small code to your website's header. We recommend to add this code to all pages as it will be required later when you set up conversion tracking.

Insert TagHacker Code

6) Select Tags on Your Landing Page

On the TagHacker page click on "Select Tags" then on "Select New Tag". This will load your landing page where you can select any parts of your landing page, we call these parts "tags". Now select tags that you wish to replace on your landing page per your visitors keyword.

How to select tags?

By using your mouse click on anything on your landing page. You can see the current value of your tag. Add a name to your tag and click on save.

More info on tags: 


7) What is on your TagHacker page

On your TagHacker page you can see a lot of data, including but not limited to:

  • Structure: On the top of the page you can see what project, campaign and ad group you are inside, and what landing page your are editing.
  • Keywords: list of keywords that are going to trigger this replacement.
  • Selected tags: list of tags you have selected for this landing page.
  • Scenarios: By default there are 2 scenarios: original value and scenario 1
  • Frequency of shows: to set up how often to show this variant / scenario
  • Replacements: this is where you can specify what data you would like to show instead of the original value.
  • Preview: buttons for the ad group as a whole that also considers the frequency of shows, and there are preview buttons for each scenario.

8) Create Replacements / Tag Hacking

Enter values that are relevant to your keyword group into scenario 1 for each tag you have selected.

This when TagHacker becomes very powerful. For each keyword or keyword group you can create specific replacements of your selected tags. In this simple tutorial we are only replacing text. But TagHacker is much more than dynamic text replacement, with TagHacker you can literally replace any parts of your page including images, colors and code.

9) Preview

Using the preview buttons you you can test how your replacements look like.

  • click on the preview button next to "scenario 1" to see how your landing page will look like when displaying content set up in scenario 1
  • click on the preview button next to "keyword group 1" to see how your landing page changes between scenarios and the original value based on the frequency of show that is set up. By default it is 50% for the original value and 50% scenario 1

11) Create unlimited number of scenarios

By using the "Add Scenario" button you can add several scenarios. This is very helpful to create A/B tests to figure our which scenario works for you the best.

12) Change frequency of shows

For each scenario (including the original value) you can set frequency between 0% and 100%. By this setting you can determine how often you want to show each scenario to your visitors.

13) Clone tags to another ad group & setup replacements

Once you have selected tags for a landing page you can just clone the same tags to another ad group by using the "Clone tags from another page" function.

Setup relevant replacements for each ad group in your project.

14) Test in live

Search in your google for one of your keywords, and click on your advert. TagHacker will automatically replace your selected tags based on your replacement settings.

You can also test our demo.

We had created 2 ad groups with the following keywords:

  1. Demo 1: [tag hacker demo 1] & [taghacker demo1]
  2. Demo 2: [tag hacker demo 2] & [taghacker demo2]

If you search in Google for "tag hacker demo 1" you might see our advert. If you click on our advert you will be automatically shown the landing page with the replacements we had set up in the above video. You can test the same for any other keywords.

Please note

Our adverts might not show up, as they have low search volume at the moment. If you want to test our example please come back in a week time and try again.

Need more help?

  1. You can visit http://help.taghacker.com/ and search our help topics.
  2. At the bottom of every page in our application you can find links to relevant help pages.
  3. You can contact us using the chat bubble in the right bottom corner. We will gat back to you as soon as possible.
Hyper customise your landing pages

Dynamic Content Replacement

Without coding, without creating hundreds of different pages, easy to make changes on any website, hosted anywhere!

Replace the text

With dynamic text replacement your visitors can find the exact words on your landing page they have been looking for.

Customize the style

Think what is beyond the words, and change the CSS to make your landing page look exactly what your visitors are expecting.

Change images

Choose relevant images or background image based on what your visitor has searched for.

Populate forms

Change or add values to your forms. Visible or hidden custom values can be passed with the form submission.

Works on any website

You don't need a new website, new subdomain. Use your current page. E.g. Wordpress, Wix, Webflow, custom website on lead page generator.

Easy online editing

No need for coding experience. Use our simple online interface to customize your landing page for your visitors.


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