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expensive AdWords

Does AdWords Cost You a Fortune?

AdWords charges less, if your visitors find your landing page more relevant, that others'.

Improve Landing Page Experience

It's All About Landing Page Experience

You have to make sure, that you have a highly optimised, specific landing page for all your keywords.

All your headers, text, images, color, style must be in line with your keyword.

Hyper-customise your landing pages for your visitors.


How Can Hyper-Customisation Save You Money?

If your visitors find on your landing page the exact words they are looking for, they are more likely to stay longer and become a customer.

But don't just customise text. Customise everything: style, color, images...

The longer they stay on your page, the more pages they visit, the less it costs you per click.

Hyper-customised pages save money on clicks and convert more visitors.

It's been made simple for you

TagHacker Reforms The Way Landing Pages Are Created Today

TagHacker is NOT another landing page generator site.

We help you hyper-customising your landing pages on any website, without creating multiple pages.

TagHacker is available from May 2018 to the public.

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