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Simple Strategy That Increases Your Profit and Saves You Time!

Tamas Szabo - Online Marketing Expert

8 years of experience in online advertising and in building successful business.

Who I am?

This is Tamas, I want to officially welcome you to TagHacker.

About 8 years ago I started my first website, and over the years my hobby become my obsession and profession.

I have learnt from the best marketing and sales experts in the world. I big thank you to Dan Kennedy, Jordan Belfort and Russel Brunson.

I created a classified advertising page, then I promoted my local businesses.

Over the years I become an expert in online advertising, and created an amazing online email verification service.

Now, we have created TagHacker, an online tool that reforms the way you turn visitors into customers. Our goal is to boost your conversion rates, like never before.

But let’s take a step back and let me show you why we created TagHacker.

Last year I have been marketing my sites, and I have been editing hundreds of different landing pages to customise for my audience.

I've been blindly following what everyone else was doing for 10 years.

Copying, pasting, and copying and pasting, and re-doing and re-doing, and again, and again for countless hours, and then start over.

I had enough, I nearly gave up. I had so many pages for so many keywords, it become impossible to maintain.

I looked around, and everyone was struggling with the same issue. Copying and pasting. Re-doing again and again.

On the other hand, landing page / lead page services ignore user experience! They stuck in the stone age!

Using impractical and useless sites were our everyday! I swore, I change the industry for a better user and advertiser experience.

So we took a step back, and redesigned our advertising system. Our conversion rates have increased 15 times!

We virtually convert any visitors into buyers. How did we do it?

I was sitting at my desk, very late hours, customising my funnels and landing pages.

My visitors were getting to the same landing pages, and the only customisation I was able to make is change a few words as per their keywords.

I was wondering, when was the last time we thought text was more important than style, feeling, images and videos... Well, like 10-15 years ago.

I knew, I must fully customise my landing pages for each keyword. I had to deliver the best landing page experience for each visitor, by replacing not only text, but images, colors, style of the page.

The only way to get my customers to fully customised landing pages was to create multiple landing pages.

And that's what I did. I've ended up creating hundreds of landing pages for hundreds of keywords. I literally couldn't keep up updating all the colors, stlye, text, images and everything.

That's why we created TagHacker. We can fully customise the landing page experience for each keyword, WITHOUT creating multiple landing pages.

I immediately saved like 10 hours of work every day. Yeah that's a lot. But there was even more that TagHacked gave me.

When I first become master of landing pages, and created TagHacker, I not only saved a lot of time.

You know, I was already customising the landing pages for my visitors, but it was unbelievable how much my conversion rates grew when started using TagHacker.

Because I was able to hyper-customise audiences, keywords and landing pages, my keyword quality score grew, and each click cost me less. I saved a lot of money.

Because my conversion rate grew, I had more customers. And because I had more customers for less, I had more profit.

Sure, we can talk about numbers, percentages, colors and styles.

But you know: I had more time and more profit. What TagHacker gave me was life.

And I promise you, TagHacker will change your life too. It will save you time and money. It will make you more money. And you are going to love every minute of the process.